I’ve kinda neglected this site lately…

I doubt any of you really pay attention to what I post on here that much (beyond a couple of articles that have been decently read thanks to the power of social media), but yeah I’ve been at a loss of what to post over the last couple of months on this site. There are several reasons for this. Reason number 1 is that I’ve been a very busy man as of late. Rockodile is ever-growing, I’ve dipped my toes into the world of podcasting (although not on a regular basis) and I’ve become a content creator on DriveTribe. These are all really awesome things! I’m really enjoying getting to spread myself into multiple areas of journalism. As anyone who knows me well knows, I’m not exclusively into one single thing. If I can use a skill that’s applicable to talking about all of my interests in a professional or semi-professional capacity, you bet your arse I’m going to use it to my full advantage!

Reason number 2 is, unfortunately, that the state of the world is leaving me pretty depressed. You only have to look at the ranty post I posted previously on this site to know that I’m feeling a bit lost at the moment. Not in terms of my career – I know where that’s going and I’m very happy with it! I don’t feel that lost in terms of other parts of my personal life either – I have an idea of where I want to go and who I want to go there with. I have some really great friends. I just feel helpless. I feel like the world is turning into something that I wish it wasn’t. Granted, it may only be temporary. I hope it is. Things seem to come in cycles, although how much the upward end of that cycle is going to go back upwards to how I remember things being in my vague memories of the pre-9/11 world (yes, I’m old enough to have flown on a commercial flight before 9/11 and travel on the underground before 7/7) I don’t know. The doom and gloom about how humanity is burning the planet away, how many people are being hurt in hate-motivated attacks, the rise of institutional Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the UK and US… it’s scary. I can see a lot of other people find it scary too. It can be all to easy to feel like I’m stuck on a ride I cannot control, hurtling towards an uncertain future that I’m just going to have to endure. My anxieties about growing old, dying, the deaths of my family and friends, they’ve all come rushing back to me in recent weeks and months. It’s made me feel those awful, helpless feelings.

That’s why I haven’t been posting on here for a little while. I’m hoping I don’t go this long without posting again. Hopefully, with the dawn of the Christmas period I get a little more time to talk about things that are either too personal for my work or don’t really fit into anything else that’s work-related. That is, unless my jury service takes forever. Yup, I have to do jury service for the first time later this month. I’m not looking forward to it. Swansea is a scummy place and, like all scummy places, there is a high likelihood that I’m going to end up sitting in on a pretty awful case. Ugh. That’s life, I guess.

Should I do a Christmas-themed post on here? Maybe. Christmas can be fun to write about! Most of my Christmases are pretty chill though. Even my birthday was very uneventful this year. Let’s see what happens!

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