Here are some of the best examples of my work as a journalist.


Airless tyres are coming sooner than you think!:

Hennessey builds first 1000bhp Jeep Gladiator:

Tesla files patent for laser wipers:

Rezvani challenges Tesla Cybertruck to a shoot-out – literally:

Somebody is still racing the last V10 Formula 1 car:


China has built a new seaplane and it’s the largest one since the Spruce Goose:

Boeing is killing off the 747:

General Electric wants to keep the USAF’s B-52s going until at least 2097:


Christianity and Controversy: 10 Years Since Tom Jones’ Praise & Blame:

Review: Static X – Project Regeneration Vol. 1:

While She Sleeps – So What?:

The Raven Age – Conspiracy:

Food & Drink:

How to turn a classic Victoria sponge into 4 different cakes:

An American stopped eating American breakfasts and it made him like breakfast:

Professional Wrestling:

Summerslam matches where the finish was wrong:

Top 10 Most Impactful NXT Superstars:

Film & TV:

Netflix releases trailer for new sci-fi drama ‘Away’:


The 007 Goldeneye fan remake has ceased development due to a court case, but a new game will take its place: