A Little Announcement…

I guess you’re wondering why you’re seeing this. So I’ll let you know why this is…

I’ve had this site/domain since I was a student, did a few little crappy things with it and then left it alone for 6 years. A lot’s happened since then. I’ve had a couple of jobs – one of which is mostly great and one of which was great at the start and then became very shitty, very fast. I’ve also become an actual music journalist via getting involved in Rockodile Reviews, where I’ve now become the editor, and Rope Break, where I’m just another writer but it’s been really great getting to dip my toes into wrestling journalism. Despite those outlets that I have, I still feel there’s a fair amount more I can talk about that either doesn’t fit into anything or is better served on a more personal outlet like this. So, yeah, this little personal site is coming back and I’m actually going to do things with it. Yay!

I hope you enjoy the (probably infrequent) content that’s going to come on here, even if it isn’t entirely your cup of tea. I’m not most peoples’ cup of tea anyway!

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